AELST TANGER : Climatical Emergency Caravan in margin of the Rainbow Warrior’s visit

    • Saturday and Sunday the 29 & 30 October of 2016

      Tang’s action of AELST participated of Genpact’s visit, aboard the Rainbow Warrior, in Tangier’s port, for a sensibilization campaign called Sun united us, a campaign for the preparation of Civil Society for COP 22 in Marrakech.

      AELST Morocco, Tangiers action used the occasion to contribute to the visit by participating to the stabilization of visitors about climatic changes and necessity for everyone’s contribution to reduce gaz emission via Climatic Emergency Caravan’s exposition from project CLIMATE ACTION, close from the infamous Rainbow Warrior ship.

      More than 3000 persons came to visit the exposition, and Firefly’s associative radio from Marseille cover the event during all it’s length.