Our values

Confidence :
Establish a relationship of mutual trust between the AELST, it’s members and its partner based on responsibility, transparency, but also respect.

Solidarity :
Encourage links and friendship between elected officials and members of the association. Having a care about “us”. Acting on behalf of the others. Promote sharing, selflessness, listening, commitment, collegiality, working as a team and cohesion.

Equity and Equality :
Prevaloring meritocracy, competitiveness, results, performance, quality, encouragement and credibility.

Professionalism :

Know what we do and do what we can do. Prefer to have it done by professionals, to the direct management. Do always put in place monitoring, and evaluation mechanism.

Volunteering :

Any member or elected official in the AELST must adhere to or assume a non-profit-making responsibility. However, if the conditions allows it, any member of the AELST who has voluntarily participated in the activities of the association might receive a compensation for services made in proportion to his voluntarily contribution.

Plurality and unicity :

Accepting difference and encouraging initiative, creativity and action within the framework of the AESVT Morocco united and autonomous.