Our ressources

  • Human resources

Human resources mobilized by different instances of the association are essentially constituted with :

  • 312 elected responsibles
  • 1800 members
  • 13 permanent salaries and executives
  • Financial resources

The main actions leaded by AELST are funded on

  • Project financing by fund raisers
  • Public and private subventions
  • Members’ cotisations
  •  Some actions’ beneficiary contributions
  • Locals and equipment

AELST’s locals are given by National education Ministry (NEM) as part of the cooperation conventions binding AELST Morocco to NEM.
Amenagements and equipments for locals and Centers of education to the environment are assured by th AELST.

Amenagements consists of pedagogical spaces for sensibilization and education to the environment (artificial pond, pedagogical garn) and exposition rooms, formation, atelier…
The equipment often consist of bureautical material, informatic, means of communication and pedagogical tools for sensibilization and education to the environment.